The Playbook

Don't make us trot out a Sun Tszu quote... ok here it is: Sun Tszu said "...the marketplace is a battlefield...". So please learn the rules of engagement for the best shot at a good outcome



(ie have no overlap or conflict with any other IP that has already been legally registered or applied for in the same jursidiction)

- MUST be: sold on an EXCLUSIVE basis 

(ie sold one time only, whether on Teknocrat or in any other context except where the IDEA is sold on a 'per territory' basis, in which case it must be exclusive in each territory / jursidiction)

- MUST be: described within LISTINGS in a TRUE and CORRECT manner

(any substantiatable misrepresentation will result in REMOVAL of the LISTING and CANCELLATION of any sale transaction if applicable)



- MUST be: SPECIFIED in a concise and precise way

(finite requirements must be stipulated)

- MUST be: LISTED with a PRICE

(PRICE that the REQUESTER is willing to pay for the IDEA that addresses their need or problem, must be stipulated)



- MUST be: able to be PAID IN FULL immediately by BUYERS who bid on or PURCHASE an IDEA, and by REQUESTERS, upon acceptance of a single IDEA as SUCCESSFUL re their REQUEST

- CAN BE: negotiable, on a case by case basis if the SELLER, BUYER or COLLABORATOR is willing to negotiate either by the 'MAKE AN OFFER' function or via PRIVATE MESSAGING negotation



- ALL transactions that are started on Teknocrat in any form, ie at any time LISTED on Teknocrat must be COMPLETED on Teknocrat. LISTING your IDEA or REQUEST on Teknocrat or SEEING an IDEA or REQUEST on Teknocrat to BUY or COLLABORATE on - you agree to to the binding term and condition that the IDEA or REQUEST remain within the Teknocrat domain until such time as it is either TRANSACTED (bought, sold, or otherwise) on Teknocrat or if this does not eventuate you agree that you CANNOT deal with any other current or prior Teknocrat user in relation to that IDEA at any stage subsequent, OUTSIDE of the Teknocrat platform.

- All users on Teknocrat agree to act in good faith, with honesty, with demonstrable integrity and accept that any misrepresentation on Teknocrat may expose them to both being banned from Teknocrat but furthermore may expose them to legal or other forms of action outside of Teknocrat from either Teknocrat or other users, based on the nature of any said misrepresentation due to the generally commercial nature of the listings and transactions that Teknocrat facilitates.



Users DO NOT have to be verified by the several means facilitated on Teknocrat other than:
1) to have their email address verified in order to interact in any way on Teknocrat

2) to have their bank account details verified in order to conduct any fiscal transaction on Teknocrat (ie POST a LISTING, or MAKE AN OFFER / BUY an IDEA or REQUEST etc)



- Teknocrat was designed and built to be an 'oasis of positivity' for any and all innovators, entrepreneurs, businesses or any and all types or nationalities of users who engage with the site. To this end - Teknocrat has deliberately only facilitated 'templated' COMMENTS within and around the publicly displayed areas of the site for LISTINGS so that only constructive feedback can be given.

- PRIVATE MESSAGING has been facilitated for more in depth interactions between users but please note: although these messages will be PRIVATE and for the sender / receivers' eyes only, ALL USERS are afforded the umbrella protection of Teknocrat's overall ethos and CODE OF CONDUCT; this means that any rude, offensive, disrespectful, dishonest or otherwise inappropriate content exchanged within PRIVATE MESSAGING may also result in the responsible user being BANNED from Teknocrat and or other actions may be taken by either Teknocrat or any other user effected by this conduct, if commercial repercussions ensue.

- Teknocrat is for positive people, who love IDEAS and love bringing them to life. Anyone who is not positive or constructive is asked to NOT join nor interact with the Teknocrat community.
Everyone else - welcome home.