Dispute Resolution

Let's all try to get along... if possible. If not... let's try to get resolution.

Please complete and submit the Dispute Form below, if you have some kind of a disagreement with any other Teknocrat user.

*Please note: per the Website Terms and Marketplace Terms & Conditions, Teknocrat is NOT obligated to resolve disputes between Teknocrat users or act in any way as an intermediary. Teknocrat provides the Site as a platform upon which users can effect their own interactions and transactions, and does NOT warrant any outcomes or resolutions to disagreements, disputes or any other conflicts or issues arising from said users of the Site.
The inclusion of the Dispute Resolution section of the Site is for the sake of facilitation and non-obligated assistance to users only. Teknocrat users are in no way obligated to utilise the Dispute Resolution section of the Site if a Dispute arises, this is an optional section to be used or not used at each and every Site user's own individual discretion. If any Dispute is not able to be resolved via this section of the Site then it is assumed that any and all Disputes will be handled directly between any involved parties without Teknocrat's knowledge, obligation or consent.