First World Education Opportunities For The Third World

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"What if Einstein was born in rural China? Could he have shaped the world as he has? Perhaps the next great mind needs help being found. Lets scour the globe and uncover gifted individuals to link them with academic opportunities they need."

Tags science mind angel scholar scholaship discovery world
Target market 50 - 80 females
Competitors World Vision
Location Global
Seed capital USD $50,000 to $150,000
Benefits Reduces cost of existing product / service, Improves quality of life, Improves health, Improves efficiency for existing activity, Provides new solution to existing problem, Provides better solution to existing problem, Utilises previously under-utilised capacity, Improves existing technology, Introduces new technology, Creates potential user income / adds to existing user income, Helps promote brand / product / service, Reduces wastage and / or pollution and / or waste byproducts
Idea background The cream rises to the top. Or does it? What if the cream was covered by layers of corruption, poverty, hunger? Every continent on Earth has problems like these, some worse that others. Some people get killed just for seeking education! But in a time of a ballooning world population and dwindling resources the world needs solutions to these accelerating problems, and we only have human minds to solve these problems. So why not vastly improve our statistical odds, by including the third world talent that is usually overlooked or under-supported.
Not included This idea needs a system, one that can link gifted individuals in sub-standard living education with the opportunity, not just for basic education, but to take a flyer on the best goddamn opportunity to give these rare minds a chance make a dent in the wld
Problem(s) or need(s) this idea addresses Launching this system is time-intensive. Making connections, having meetings, landing scholaship funds, finding talented individuals hidden in the world all takes time and leg power.
Why is this idea worth the pricetag? This is an idea. This is a napkin idea. However if there was a link to be made between higher education facilities and gifted individuals in current substanded living it would take a talented system to do so. If just one of these individuals could make a change in the world for the better, value would be had. Why not Cancer, Why not Europa colonies, why not new anti-biotics or less pollution. We are all we've got and we need some help. We need a wider net. This is a chance to create that net.
What will need to be developed in addition We need travel costs, to set up meetings and find people. I feel this can be offset by taking a film crew and trading broadcast rights down the track. We need to meet with Universities, we need to find remote schools. All doable with the right system. We just need a start.
Added date July 11th, 2016

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Mark T
Solid idea. I can also think of more things to add to this idea

July 12th, 2016



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