New idea to clean computers more easily and cleanly

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"This idea enables a cheap product to be developed that will enable the user to quickly and cleanly clean components or systems from dust."

Tags computing hardware it hardware computer hardware computer maintenance computer cleaning
Target market Corporate
Competitors O2 Hurricane Canless Air System Canless Air Australia
Seed capital USD $25,000 to $50,000
Benefits Provides better solution to existing problem
Idea background I was assigned a task in my course to think about ideas to improve maintenance... looking at this topic with my friends we all looked at different areas that could relate to maintenance. I decided to look into computer maintenance as I have always loved building computers. While thinking about regular maintenance for computers, easily the most annoying part came to mind... removing dust... THAT is when i had my idea.
Not included There is a lot to this idea that is missing. Being a Design student... all i can really think about is the product and what it does and how it looks. I am missing every component to take it to a large scale production.
Problem(s) or need(s) this idea addresses Dust flying around everywhere... Hygienic cleaning environment... IF the computer is cleaned on a regular basis, better performance...
Why is this idea worth the pricetag? With a bit of thought to this product i think that the final product could be sold for under $100 with the current competitor asking for twice as much. the product should be predominantly made from one plastic and could be easily be produced for a very small price and on large quantity.
What will need to be developed in addition Engineering of the product to ensure it works effectively... Material Choice... All adversiting
Added date July 11th, 2016

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Have you built a prototype of this idea?
A small model to demonstrate the products function and how it works
Will any licences, permits or regulations apply to bringing this idea to market?
None to my knowledge.
Do you have manufacturers or suppliers lined up to produce the market-ready this idea, and do you have costings / quotes in the ASSETS you will provide?
What amount of time and or money has been invested in this idea and can you corroborate this?
10-20 hours of developing idea and model.
Please provide a link to any IP / patent / trademark searches you have conducted to ensure this idea is original other searches were conducted using different key words but i could find nothing that relates.
Have you done any specific market research on the need / demand / acceptance of this idea amongst the target market?
Other than talking to my friends that also like building computers, no.
Would you be willing to consult in some capacity, after SELLING the idea, to help to bring it to market?
I would love to be apart of as much of the process as possible, but if the buyer would rather me step away that is fine too.

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