How to make politicians honest.

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"An app and .com registered domain that takes a leaf out of Politifact's playbook, but takes the motive and execution of that site's ethos to the next level. The concept for an algorithm combined with a registered & marketable and valuable .com domain"

Tags politics honesty political honesty polygraph political lies truth
Target market
Competitors Politifact
Seed capital USD $500,000+
Benefits Provides new solution to existing problem, Provides better solution to existing problem
Idea background Not many people out of the world's 7 billion plus populace - like politicians. Even fewer trust them. And yet the honesty and integrity of this subset of society - effects the lives of almost everyone of those 7 billion. So our distrust of them, and yet total reliance on them - are at odds. This .com domain and app / algorithm idea - strive to close the gap between the politicians we have - and the ones we want.
Not included Developed app; working business or site
Problem(s) or need(s) this idea addresses Distrust of politicians and uncertainty as to their honesty and integrity - which in turn effects our views on, and action (or inaction) on every single one of their proposed and actual policies
Why is this idea worth the pricetag? 7 billion people. Almost 0 politicians the world-over that everyone would universally trust, who have managed to gain complete power within their office without sacrificing and or compromising their honesty, integrity and or policy independence. A systemic flaw that doesn't need to go unsolved forever. Political outcomes dictate the GDP of trillions of dollars for the world's democracies and republics - so a lot of money, and social wellbeing, is at stake. The right solution could be invaluable
What will need to be developed in addition Working app / site, all marketing, full technical design and future features catalog - basically everything beyond the concept and conceptual outlines that are included
Added date June 24th, 2016

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