The Refuel Duel

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"An app (and registered .com domain) that will revolutionise the way that the estimated 1.2 billion cars on the world's roads are fueled and refuled."

Tags fuel petrochemical transport petrol petroleum gas gas station fuel app refuel
Target market Corporate
Seed capital USD N/A
Benefits Improves efficiency for existing activity, Creates potential user income / adds to existing user income
Idea background There are an estimated (as of 2015) 1.2 billion cars on the roads around the globe. There are millions of service / gas stations that those billion plus cars have to periodically, and grudgingly, stop into to refuel. As fuel prices inch ever upwards, most drivers around the world are keen to get a slightly better price on their fuel - and are willing to go to at least a little effort to achieve this, because the 'every dollar counts' applies to this 'grudge' purchase (fuel) more than most. Enter this app.
Not included Working website or software. Idea, outline of idea and wireframes, registered domain only.
Problem(s) or need(s) this idea addresses The disorganisation of, and disparity of, countless service stations operating under hundreds of main petrol station franchises and under tens of thousands of independent stations globally. And the difficulty for drivers - commercial or private - of all wheeled vehicles to get better rates on their fuel at the pump.
Why is this idea worth the pricetag? Oil and gas, and derivative petroleum, are the financial giants that keep the world's wheels and economic cogs also, turning. A mega industry, starved of innovation. Until now.
What will need to be developed in addition Working site, user (petrol station) uptake.
Added date May 3rd, 2016

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Mark T
Developing this idea further could help chisel it into a masterpiece...

June 30th, 2016


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