Great travel website, with a twist that will generate beaucoup traffic

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" (no affiliation) is a great resource for travellers. Testimonials, reviews, all user generated - and user input images. TripAdvisor is valued at $11 billion now! But there is another type of site that travellers will also love..."

Tags travel tripadvisor travel website travel reviews travel review site
Target market Corporate
Seed capital USD $500,000+
Benefits Saves time, Provides better solution to existing problem, Improves existing technology, Helps promote brand / product / service
Idea background Being a frequent traveller and frequent user / visitor to I have learnt that a lot of user generated content is a great way to get aggregated opinions, and the overall picture for what to expect, and what to choose when travelling re accommodation, activities etc. But another large part of the travel experience we all undertake, has not been addressed by TripAdvisor. A stunningly simple, and yet elegantly awesome idea struck. And here it is.
Not included Working site - but it DOES include (for advertised price) the option for the site to be developed as an inclusion. Does include domain name (.com) already registered that encapsulates the idea and already has full site outline / wireframes
Problem(s) or need(s) this idea addresses Gap in the 'travel review' experience
Why is this idea worth the pricetag? Simple to execute, will build a big and strong community and provide a platform for this potentially very large community to upload a lot of interesting and eyeball-magentising content. Will also provide value for advertisers once the community is building mass
What will need to be developed in addition Working site not yet built, but CAN be included. If chosen to NOT be included with this idea from us then price will be reduced commensurately. All marketing etc will have to be developed and done to generate all necessary traffic for idea monetisation
Added date May 3rd, 2016

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