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The Pitch


"Free domain name and bespoke live website. Everyone needs and wants a memorable internet name. I giveaway names for FREE. With no catch. With website wanted by you. Get your choice of name for multiple uses. Point or populate site. Get in search"

Tags domain Name search internet domain name
Target market Medium income household
Competitors None
Location Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seed capital USD $500 to $10,000
Benefits Reduces cost of existing product / service, Improves efficiency of existing product / service, Saves time, Improves efficiency for existing activity, Provides better solution to existing problem, Monetises previously un-monetised product / service, Introduces new technology, Creates potential user income / adds to existing user income, Helps promote brand / product / service
Added date August 27th, 2016

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Industries: Services, Social, Retail, Other. Qualifications: Certificate, Industry Qualification. 10+ years total work experience.

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