Electric and Self Driving Vehicle Future Proofing

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"If investors compare electric and gasoline cars there isn't much incentive to switch. On a timeline of innovation to replace old vehicles we also have developing airships, aircars, robots, and drones. An incentive to invest in EV fails the future."

Tags automotive transport brand
Target market Manufacturers / Wholesalers
Competitors Airbus Tesla Apple Alphabet
Seed capital USD $500,000+
Benefits Reduces cost of existing product / service, Improves efficiency of existing product / service, Provides new solution to existing problem, Utilises previously under-utilised capacity, Monetises previously un-monetised product / service, Improves existing technology, Helps promote brand / product / service
Idea background The wastage of the automotive industry is at such an epic proportion it seems like the return of the early years of management. We've wound back the clock to the time of sail ships, by mass producing millions of non-essential vehicles for ineffective and inefficient sitting. The gasoline vehicle is as ubiquitous as the common t-shirt that now adorns every person in every far flung corner of the globe.
Why is this idea worth the pricetag? Cars have approximate minimum set costs: $5000 for raw materials, $5000 for manufacture, $5000 for supply & delivery. The manufacturer will then expose fleets in a distribution strategy that won't be stunningly different from their competitors. The company selling millions of terrible renditions on the vehicle theme could be as effective as the top model brands. Nothing creates a way to future proof the fleets. The rise of EV & self driven is not assured without proofing the products.
Added date August 22nd, 2016

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Sounds like a good idea so far, keep at it!

June 30th, 2017



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