Sending money abroad can take weeks. Here's the solution.

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"Transferring money overseas can take an extremely long time. This idea provides a potentially instant method of sending money overseas safely. It will require great legal advice but with the right team, it could be making headlines."

Tags app banking online banking website money overseas
Target market Corporate
Competitors PayPal Skrill Lloyds Natwest Santander Western Union
Location London, United Kingdom
Seed capital USD $50,000 to $150,000
Benefits Improves efficiency of existing product / service, Saves time, Improves efficiency for existing activity, Provides better solution to existing problem, Improves existing technology, Introduces new technology
Idea background After having multiple scenarios in which I needed to transfer money overseas to friends and/or family, I discovered that it simply takes too long, and this shouldn't be the case. I thought "there must be an easier and quicker way to do this". I then formed this idea with my limited, but sound, knowledge of the Foreign Exchange market.
Why is this idea worth the pricetag? In discovering a huge flaw in the whole industry and world of money transfers, this business idea has immense potential. It could be the new and better PayPal. There is currently no other service like this in the industry. I must add that there will be some legal technicalities to work through as this idea would involve many different country-specific laws to succeed.
Added date August 12th, 2016

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Please provide a link to any IP / patent / trademark searches you have conducted to ensure this idea is original
Have you built a prototype of this idea?
Have you done any specific market research on the need / demand / acceptance of this idea amongst the target market?
Limited market research but from the research I have done, the target market believes it to be an extremely good idea.
Will any licences, permits or regulations apply to bringing this idea to market?
Do you have manufacturers or suppliers lined up to produce the market-ready this idea, and do you have costings / quotes in the ASSETS you will provide?
What amount of time and or money has been invested in this idea and can you corroborate this?
As you can see from the type of idea this is, it's still in the "Napkin" phase so very little money has been invested. However, many hours of research have been undertaken by myself.
Would you be willing to consult in some capacity, after SELLING the idea, to help to bring it to market?
100% yes. I would love to be involved.

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