To extract venom or other biological material from a full bodied fossilized snake head.

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"5 years ago I found a snakes head that had been buried in sand creating an air tight environment to make the growth of flesh decaying bacteria impossible and promote fossilization of flesh. "

Tags Health Antivenin Vaccine Snake venom
Target market Manufacturers
Competitors All Medical
Location Aberdare, New South Wales, Australia
Seed capital USD $50,000 to $150,000
Benefits Reduces cost of existing product / service, Improves efficiency of existing product / service, Improves quality of life, Improves health, Provides luxury, Saves time, Improves efficiency for existing activity, Provides new solution to existing problem, Provides better solution to existing problem, Utilises previously under-utilised capacity, Monetises previously un-monetised product / service, Improves existing technology, Introduces new technology, Creates potential user income / adds to existing user income, Helps promote brand / product / service, Reduces wastage and / or pollution and / or waste byproducts
Idea background Vaccines, antivenin and other valuable medical and health enhancing products are created out of venomous snakes venom. This is the oldest organic specimen of its kind with potentially world changing benefits.
Why is this idea worth the pricetag? This specimen is at least 200 million years of age and could contain the oldest organic venom sample know to exist in the modern world.
Added date July 21st, 2016

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