Need a better way to pay bills



"We are looking for an idea that includes a technically detailed, mapped and graphically wireframed design for a web based app that enables all service suppliers to input their details, then all customers only have to use a single portal / log-in to pay all bills"

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Category Tech
Type App or Software
Value $1000 - $2000 USD

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Screenshots of source apps / software used to better explain how the proposed solution / idea will work re UI / UX and workflows for both suppliers and customers. ie as much graphical references as possible to properly explain how it works top to bottom


Need a fully detailed, logical and thoroughly thought-out wireframe design using: (a) proper web-based wireframing tool (b) references to actual web based component technology to build (c) full user workflow for (i) suppliers (ii) customers (d) good UX

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Industries: Media, Services, Tech, Property, Retail, Design. Qualifications: Certificate, Industry Qualification. 10+ years total work experience.


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