"Coincidence is important. The convergence of different ideas." D. Van Noten

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Ideas can be the most valuable currency on the planet

Teknocrat was founded on one simple principle - that every constructive idea can have incredible value. But the world's greatest resource - ideas - are often not realised, nor capitalised on for their economic or social value. Too many idea-makers lack the time or resources to take their ideas from the backs of their brains, and turn them into tangible advancements. In this internet of things era, all ideas should have their value realised. All ideas should be able to be connected with idea-implementers who can bring those ideas into the light of day- where they belong. Teknocrat - the ideas marketplace.

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We believe ideas can be the most valuable currency. Do you?

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Larry Page + Sergey Brin = founders of Google. Brian Chesky + Joe Gebbia + Nathan Blecharczyk = founders of AirBNB. Travis Kalanick + Garret Camp = founders of Uber. Great collaboration = great outcomes

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Whatsapp: in 2011 reportedly received $8 million in investment capital. Reported sale price in 2014 to Facebook: $19 billion. Google received seed investment of $100,000 in 1998. 2015 market capitalization (according to Fortune): $507 billion. The right idea at the right time = invaluable

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530,000,000: the estimated lives saved by the advent of the smallpox vaccination (Edward Jenner). 82,000,000: the estimated lives saved by discovery of the penicillin mold (Alexander Fleming). 1.2 million per year = estimated lives to be saved by autonomous cars with no driver error