Ideas have taken us from cave-dwellers to sky-explorers in the relative blink of an eye.

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Whatsapp: in 2011 reportedly received $8 million in investment capital. Reported sale price in 2014 to Facebook: $19 billion. Google received seed investment of $100,000 in 1998. 2015 market capitalization (according to Fortune): $507 billion. The right idea at the right time = invaluable

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Larry Page + Sergey Brin = founders of Google. Brian Chesky + Joe Gebbia + Nathan Blecharczyk = founders of AirBNB. Travis Kalanick + Garret Camp = founders of Uber. Great collaboration = great outcomes

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530,000,000: the estimated lives saved by the advent of the smallpox vaccination (Edward Jenner). 82,000,000: the estimated lives saved by discovery of the penicillin mold (Alexander Fleming). 1.2 million per year = estimated lives to be saved by autonomous cars with no driver error